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Building a bridge to the future.

Renewable Fuels

Refiners and distributors of renewable and low-carbon fuels build a bridge between the traditional petroleum economy and a renewable energy future. While solving technical problems related to the fuels themselves, though, these companies must also master complex regulatory requirements and stay on top of ever-changing federal and state incentives available for clean and green fuels.

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For decades, Weaver has been known for its energy compliance services related to the U.S. Clean Air Act, California Low Carbon Fuels Standard, and other regulations and energy transition initiatives. But that’s not all we do. Yes, our team of CPAs, professional engineers (PEs), chemists and environmental lawyers guides numerous clients through the compliance journey, from facility inspections to annual attestations. They also provide motor fuels and excise tax outsourcing and consulting, financial audits, risk management, assistance with IPO and public company reporting requirementscybersecurity assessments and ESG reporting.

Weaver serves hundreds of clients in this industry every year, including large and small organizations ranging from renewable natural gas (biogas) producers, renewable diesel producers, biodiesel producers and ethanol producers. Whether you are a multinational energy company or contemplating entry into the biofuels market, Weaver can help.

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