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Contractual estimates, simplified.


Using data you already compile, Hi-Arc automates time-consuming tasks and improves financial transparency.

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Your microscope into net revenue and accounts receivable.

How much time does your staff spend each month on error-prone, time-consuming spreadsheet processes to calculate your facility’s net revenue and net accounts receivable journal entries, bad debt, contractual allowances, and charity balances? Decades after most hospitals and physician practices implemented electronic billing and collections, determining these net financial entries and calculating bad debt are still time-consuming, error-prone, manual processes. That’s why Weaver developed Hi-Arc, a cloud-based tool that calculates this data in minutes.

Designed specifically for hospitals, acute-care facilities and physician practices, Hi-Arc saves you hours of work every month and lets you peer under the skin of your financial reports to see inside rejected claims, bad debt and contractual allowances.

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Why Weaver?

Your data is safe with us.

As a CPA firm, Weaver understands the importance of keeping sensitive data locked up tight. We have built multi-layered protection to protect our clients’ data as well as our own, and our cybersecurity team works hard to stay ahead of the curve on changing threats.

  • No PHI is required to perform the calculations so sensitive data never leaves your organization
  • Hosted in Azure
  • Audit logging of all transactional activity with your data

Hi-Arc uses aggregated payer data based on encounter, so it never accesses PHI. We even include a PHI analysis as part of the tool to make sure your patient data remains protected and you stay HIPAA-compliant.

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