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ESG Strategy & Consulting Services

The landscape of business dynamics has undergone a significant paradigm shift. Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations have become integral to the core business strategies of forward-thinking companies. ESG reporting based on current frameworks and standards is becoming part of the regulatory climate for many businesses. But sustainability solutions extend beyond a compliance checkbox. They impact key drivers to your success, like market reputation, ability to attract and retain talent and access to capital.

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Strategic Roadmap to Long-Term Sustainability

ESG Reporting

The Client

A public, hospitality and facilities services company with 2022 annual revenue of $500 million.

The Challenge

Develop a comprehensive ESG strategy emphasizing sustainability and responsible business practices in accordance with stakeholder expectations.

The Process

Weaver initiated the consultancy with the client by aligning the company’s goals and objectives with industry standard ESG frameworks using series of assessments.

  • Benchmarking Exercises: Through rigorous market benchmarking exercises and interviews, Weaver identified key ESG reporting topics crucial to the client’s narrative.
  • Documentation of Processes and Controls: The engagement also included the development of repeatable processes and controls.
  • Data Collection: Weaver facilitated the implementation of verifiable data collection mechanisms, ensuring accuracy and reducing the risk of misstating key performance indicators and statements.
  • ESG Report: This process established the foundation for the creation of a comprehensive ESG report and a dedicated webpage, enhancing the client’s transparency and credibility.
The Deliverables
  • Materiality Assessment. Weaver facilitated and delivered a materiality assessment to identify relevant and material ESG reporting topics.
  • Validation and Gap Assessment Exercises. We performed validation exercises to promote investor grade reporting and a gap assessment of data and information sources.
  • ESG Roadmap. We aligned the criteria in GRI with results from the materiality assessment, benchmarking exercise, company processes and available data to determine roadmap for ESG reporting and website. We reviewed and reconciled source data to ESG information for the ESG report. We mapped initiatives to align with established frameworks.
  • Plan for the Future. Develop templates, processes and control activities to drive verifiable, complete, and accurate data repeatable for future reporting cycles.
The Results

The client not only gained a strategic ESG roadmap for long-term sustainability but also successfully implemented repeatable processes and controls. This enabled them to deliver investor-grade reporting, align with established ESG frameworks such as GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), and showcase their commitment to ESG principles. Weaver continues to support the company with the next evolution of their ESG program, including readiness for future emissions reporting and disclosure requirements.


Real Estate

Infrastructure demands, energy efficiency and climate impact regulations, emerging sustainable development practices — Weaver’s team is well versed in the evolving ESG challenges and concerns our real estate industry clients face.

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Our broad perspectives help you navigate renewable fuel certifications, decarbonization, green financing, energy-transition issues and whatever you need to prepare for tomorrow’s challenges in the energy industry.

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The construction industry can make a significant green impact as it is a leading user or natural resources. We will guide you through the many complexities, such as energy consumption, emissions, building materials, smart design technology, waste reduction and operational efficiencies.

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Investment Funds

The value of every transaction is a potential growth catalyst. Sustainable practices that build enterprise value and impact investing opportunities are no different. Weaver’s team knows how to increase that growth with ESG practices tailored to private equity firms, funds and limited partners.

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We Say
Here is what our leaders have to say:
“Today, sustainability isn’t just about doing good — it’s good for business.”
– Ashly Pleasant | Director, ESG & Sustainability Services, Weaver
ESG services for smarter business strategy and a brighter future.

When caring for the climate and our communities brings organizations closer to their business missions, there truly is not a better win-win. Weaver’s team is ready to assess how green practices can help you reach your goals. Our ESG knowledge is rooted in staying ahead of evolving regulations, mitigating climate risks, reducing GHG emissions, and building socially responsible and ethical business practices.


ESG Strategy and Leadership

Having a well-defined ESG strategy is foundational to evaluating varying challenges in today’s climate, from reputational hazards to DEI considerations. Weaver’s team will establish a roadmap, starting with a materiality assessment, to guide priorities and initiatives that advance relevant performance metrics for your business model.

  • Materiality Assessment. Align ESG program with organizational and stakeholder objectives to identify key ESG matters.
  • Stakeholder engagement. Outline communication strategies to facilitate engagement across the spectrum of stakeholders including employees, customers, investors, and the community in which the organization serves.
  • Strategic Planning. Develop an action plan to operationalize the company’s ESG priorities.

ESG Reporting

Weaver’s ESG reporting services take the worry out the volatile regulatory landscape. Our team will assess your processes and controls for identifying, gathering and producing reliable ESG reports. Our knowledge of the relevant reporting frameworks including GRI, SASB, UN SDG’s, and SBTi will ensure you’re well prepared for the looming requirements.

  • GAP Assessment. Analyze gaps in ESG program against industry standard frameworks, peer review, stakeholder input, and regulatory compliance to customize results driven improvement measures.
  • Process Development and Data Management. Formalize data collection process and resources to accurately track, monitor, and report foundational ESG performance metrics.
  • Reporting and Communication Strategy. Tailor communication channels to address the diverse needs of the organization’s stakeholders including annual ESG reports, website content, investor relations collateral, and supporting sustainability focused messaging.

Environmental Strategy

There are many ways we can improve your systems and implementations surrounding climate change, energy management and biodiversity. Our team ensures your disclosures comply with widely adopted frameworks, including the International Sustainability Standards Board’s (ISSB) Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) and the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

  • Regulatory Compliance. Stay ahead of looming regulations by leveraging the intel and analytics of Weaver’s team of experts for compliance and reporting.
  • Planning and Development. Identify opportunities to manage and mitigate adverse environmental impacts with innovative solutions including energy efficiency measures, green building practices, LCA (life cycle assessment) and biodiversity initiatives.
  • Climate Related Risk. Inform the business strategy w financial implications related to material physical and transition risks for relevant disclosures and resilience strategies.

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Reporting

Weaver’s large team of experienced engineers and auditors will help you navigate GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions from all ESG angles — including process improvements, emissions modeling, decarbonization strategies and energy transitions. Our Energy Compliance Services practice helps businesses navigate compliance with evolving federal and state regulations.

  • Fuels Regulatory Consulting Services. Weaver specializes in providing operational support, strategic advice and regulatory consulting services to the petroleum and renewable fuels industries. Our team of professionals has an in-depth understanding of state and federal fuel compliance requirements.
  • Regulatory Compliance. Stay informed about regulatory requirements related to GHG emissions reporting.
  • Data Collection and Process Development. Guide and enhance process to benchmark, track, and report GHG emissions for Scope 1, 2, and 3 activities.
  • Decarbonization Strategy. With extensive experience at the intersection of energy, accounting, and sustainability, Weaver’s technical consultancy offers net zero and emissions reduction strategies for a wide range of industries.

ESG Investing

As ESG investing regulations evolve, Weaver’s asset management professionals can help your team master implementation, risk management, ESG health checks, third-party due diligence, governance, policy development, analytics, and reporting across all asset classes.

  • Risk Assessment. Evaluate risks and opportunities across the environmental, social, and governance landscape to align financial and sustainability objectives.
  • Due Diligence. Conduct thorough evaluation of ESG performance and practices to provide stakeholders with key considerations during the underwriting stage.
  • Performance Metrics and Reporting. Examine specific ESG performance metrics relevant to the industry and company along with financial indicators to ensure the investment satisfies the organization’s thresholds.


Obtaining third-party assurance over ESG reporting provides additional credibility and transparency to the metrics assessed by your investors and other stakeholders. Weaver’s ESG assurance services look for reporting risks and validate the metrics that matter the most.

  • ESG Data Assurance. Verify accuracy and completeness of data to facilitate reliable metrics in ESG reporting and investor relations communications related to material topics including GHG emissions, climate risk, and social responsibility efforts.
  • Regulatory Compliance. Third party verification of the organization’s compliance with complex and evolving regulatory requirements.
  • Materiality Assessment Assurance. Enhance the process of selecting critical topics and initiatives by engaging Weaver’s specialized team to conduct the materiality assessment – bolstering the credibility of the results.

Tax Considerations

Our team is well-versed in the ESG tax environment. We will help you build and understand the implications of a sustainable tax strategy — including benefits like the federal Inflation Reduction Act tax credits. You will be confident in your ability to meet compliance requirements and face the demands of an ever-changing market.

  • ESG Tax Reporting. Standardize an ESG focused tax approach to disclosure in accordance w industry standard frameworks like GRI or WEF for optimal transparency and responsible messaging.
  • IRA Credits and Tax Incentives. Take advantage of revenue bosting credits and tax incentives without the hassle of dedicating internal resources to decode the complicated provisions.
  • ESG Tax Strategy. Model comprehensive scenarios for growth opportunities including subsidies, rebates, and credits for applicable capex projects and investments; as well as risk mitigation like exposure to potential carbon tax legislation.

ESG Enhancements Lead the Way to Compliance and Investor Confidence

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Reporting

The Client

A natural gas drilling company with 2022 annual revenue of more than $4 billion.

The Challenge

Given the evolving landscape of ESG reporting requirements, coupled with stakeholder expectations, the company recognized a need to enhance its processes for ESG reporting and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reporting. The company faced complex regulatory obligations related to ESG reporting, particularly concerning Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions. Stakeholders, including investors and the community, had increasing expectations regarding transparent and accurate reporting on environmental and safety performance. There was a need to streamline data identification, collection, validation, and reporting processes to ensure completeness and accuracy.

The Process

Weaver conducted a series of process design evaluation and validation projects. These projects focused on key areas such as Scope 1 emissions, Scope 2 emissions and Health & Safety performance.

  • Evaluation of Process Design: We evaluated the design of existing processes and controls supporting data identification, collection, validation, and reporting of performance indicators.
  • Documentation of Processes and Controls: We documented these processes and controls through comprehensive flowcharts, capturing key roles, responsibilities, control points, data flow, and supporting information systems.
  • Identification of Gaps and Recommendations; Our team identified process and control gaps, providing actionable recommendations for process improvement and enhancements to the control environment.
  • Technical Review and Data Reconciliation: A technical review was conducted by emissions subject-matter experts to verify emissions data sources, calculation methodologies, and reporting against accepted standards.
The Deliverables
  • Documented Processes. Management received a well-documented process framework with clear roles and responsibilities across the ESG reporting team.
  • Control Enhancements. Our assessment highlighted areas of control gaps, empowering the company to enhance their ESG reporting processes effectively.
  • Confidence and Compliance. The strengthened control environment and data reconciliation efforts increased management and board confidence in the completeness, accuracy, and supporting evidence of the ESG disclosures.
The Results

Weaver’s tailored approach helped this natural gas drilling company navigate complex regulatory landscapes and enhance ESG reporting practices, ultimately leading to improved transparency, compliance, and stakeholder confidence.

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