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Protecting your interests and minimizing tax liabilities.

State & Local Tax

Changing state and local tax regulations. Varying nexus thresholds by state. The evolving digital economy. All present immediate challenges to growing businesses. Expanding your footprint comes with the burden of navigating a maze of tax obligations across 50 states and numerous local jurisdictions. Weaver’s team of state and local tax professionals are here to protect your interests and help minimize your tax liabilities.

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Bringing multistate experience and customized plans.

Weaver’s multistate experience is the foundation for meeting the needs of your growing business. No two companies are the same. We work closely with our clients to understand your current and anticipated operating environment. Using the right technology for your needs, Weaver customizes a strategic and industry-focused plan that addresses your specific state and local tax challenges and goals.

State and local tax services for businesses of all sizes.

Our full range of state and local tax services will help you stay compliant now and prepared for the future. Explore our services.

Income and Franchise Tax
Understanding the impact of income and franchise taxes on business operations.
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Sales and Use Tax Consulting
Minimizing sales and use tax liabilities while maintaining compliance.
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Sales and Use Tax Compliance
Outsourcing and co-sourcing solutions for timely reporting.
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Motor Fuels and Excise Tax
Minimizing overpayments, reducing audit risks, and resolving complex excise tax filing challenges.
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Property Tax
Managing property tax fluctuation and complying with multi-jurisdictional filings.
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