Globetrotters: Randall Takes Houston

This spring Weaver had four visiting staff members participate in the Weaver Secondment Program. See what Randall Bromwich from Pitcher Partners had to say about his experience at Weaver and in the United States.

Name: Randall Bromwich

Position: Senior Associate I

Dates: Jan – April 2019

Location: Houston

Local Firm: Pitcher Partners (Melbourne, Australia)

What were the objectives of the secondment?

Experience working and living in a different country. There was also the opportunity to work on new clients in very different industries as compared to Australia.

Briefly, detail your secondment experience.

While at Weaver I mainly worked with oil and gas, and construction clients. This offered a new opportunity to understand the accounting challenges in industries I previously had not worked on in Australia. From day one at Weaver, everyone was exceptionally friendly and the city of Houston was a great place to explore during the week and on the weekend. Houston is a great location to take weekend trips, during the secondment we were able to go to New Orleans, Austin, Fort Worth, Dallas and College Station.

What have you learned as a result of the secondment experience?

Learning oil and gas accounting was really rewarding and extremely interesting. Given the amount of oil and gas work in the Houston office, it was a great experience to learn from some very experienced professionals.

What was something that surprised you about the local culture?

Eating lunch at 11am, listening to country music 24/7 and how many times I was told “Texas is the only state that can secede from the US”.

What was a challenge you had to overcome while being in Houston?

Driving on the Richmond Avenue, replacing an s with a z in words and having to repeat myself every time I order a drink at a bar.

Did you pick up a local phrase or habit while here?

“How y’all doin?”

Name a favorite experience from the trip.

Turtle races at Little Woodrow’s, always back Altuve in race 1! The cook-off was great fun as well.