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Risk Advisory Consulting

In today’s fast-paced business environment, leaders are stretched, employees are overwhelmed, and systems are overloaded. Finding the time to evaluate and refine the processes that make your organization “go” can be a challenge. Weaver can help. We have the experience and industry knowledge to provide the support you need, when you need it, on a consulting basis.


Process Improvement and Reengineering

Our Risk Advisory Services team will work closely with you to break down, evaluate and find meaningful process improvements. We will evaluate either a single process or levels of processes within your organization to improve the way key processes work. To understand your strategic and leadership processes, we start with an enterprise-level view, then identify the underlying structure and processes that drive each function or department to ensure they are aligned with the overall strategic goals.

Drilling down into individual activities and tasks, we evaluate processes to ensure they are designed efficiently, minimizing redundancies, adequately leveraging technology and relying on the appropriate systems and applications. We ensure that the roles and responsibilities assigned within the process are appropriate and efficient, and that risks inherent in each process are adequately mitigated with smart internal controls.

Sometimes we identify small improvements and refinements that can have a significant impact on the process and those who perform it. Other times we may recommend more significant changes or a redesign to enhance efficiency and maximize resources.

Robotic Process Automation, Process Mining and Artificial Intelligence

Many organizations are plagued by processes that are slowed by manual emails, copy and paste exercises, or applications that do not interface. These repetitive and structured tasks translate into extra costs and lost time. Weaver’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Process Mining, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) services are designed to evaluate your company’s processes, identify the activities with the highest return on investment for automation, and help you put a solution in place. Our services are application and service independent, so whether you are using UIPath, BluePrism, Google Cloud, Microsoft PowerAutomate or many others, our team can help you streamline and simplify your processes so your team can spend less time waiting on emails and more time moving the business forward.

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Business Intelligence and Analytics

The pace of business is faster than ever and you need information and insights now, not days or weeks from now. Many companies have invested significant funds storing gigabytes of data across their organization but still struggle to turn that data into useable, timely, and actionable information. Our Business Intelligence and Analytics services help you identify those metrics that are critical for your business, compile and cleanse your data into analyzable formats, develop repeatable analytics to turn your data into information, and use Tableau or Power BI to compile the results in simple easy to understand dashboards.

Governance Consulting

In today’s business climate, governance is no longer just about setting the tone at the top and implementing policies. Stakeholders expect visibility and transparency around company business practices, how the organization is aligning to leading standards, what information is being disclosed and the accuracy and completeness of disclosed information. Weaver’s Governance Consulting service is designed to promote a transparent and dynamic governance model that meets the needs of both the company and external stakeholders. Based on industry standards and leading practices gathered from companies of all sizes, our Governance Consulting services framework provides an expansive and detailed approach to meeting today’s most challenging governance issues.

Acquisition Integration

Companies working through mergers and acquisitions need to consider a variety of process and control issues that balance efficiency and effectiveness while improving the combined company’s financials and operations. These considerations arise when management is stretched, employees are facing uncertainty and may feel overwhelmed, and customers expect strong service to continue.

The professionals in our Risk Advisory Services practice have years of experience working with organizations to plan for integrating newly acquired businesses and operations into their organization. To ensure that the integration process is effective, we will consider people, processes, and technology in making recommendations. Working closely with management, we will develop an integration plan and work hands-on with your team and individuals at the acquired entity to execute the plan efficiently.

System Implementation Consulting

For any organization, implementing a new ERP is a complex undertaking and often stressful undertaking. The excitement, benefits and efficiencies that come from a new ERP or application can be overshadowed by the frustrations and difficulties of implementing it. To minimize these problems, Weaver’s Risk Advisory Services team can support you through all phases of a system implementation, from selection, evaluating vendors, project managing the implementation and hands-on assistance in redesigning processes after the implementation is complete.

if you are considering a system change, we can assist in a variety of ways, including performing a needs assessment to formalize the needs and wants in a new system, identifying applications that meet the defined needs for your organization, evaluating options and proposals and managing the implementation process. We will assist your team in redesigning processes to appropriately leverage the new system and its available functionality.

ESG Reporting Services

With Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks on the minds of stakeholders and investors, the spotlight on corporate responsibility and sustainability shines brightly.

Our ESG Advisory services team can help your organization establish a reporting strategy to add value through clear and concise reporting, defining your processes for reliable and timely ESG data extraction and compilation, and supporting long-term growth and value by assessing potential future investments in ESG initiatives.

Our ESG Assurance services bring credibility to your ESG reports by offering assurance that your disclosures are objective, reliable and less likely to contain significant reporting errors or inaccuracies. With this limited assurance over your key ESG disclosures, users of ESG reports are likely to have a more favorable view of your ESG information and metrics.

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Asset Management Consulting Services

Investment companies and asset managers need to be nimble to respond to the challenges of new and existing regulations, complex investment strategies, digital assets, industry consolidation and pressure to reduce costs and headcount. Weaver’s Asset Management Consulting team can assist retail and alternative asset managers to create value by building the organizational strength and capacity to thrive in today’s competitive environment. We provide internal audit, regulatory compliance, risk and management consulting services for investment advisors and asset managers of any size.

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