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As the global economy moves through energy transition, “green finance” provides a critical building block for a sustainable future. Green bonds and other forms of green capital — collectively called “green finance” — offer a new path to the investment solutions that innovative projects need, with verification processes to maintain investor confidence. Most of these financing options utilize the Green Bond Principles (GBP) developed by the International Capital Market Association.

If you are considering opportunities in biofuels, ethanol, photovoltaics (solar electric), energy storage, distributed generation, microgrids, or grid reliability and resilience, then green finance may provide a path forward.

Weaver understands how to design solutions to support green financing opportunities, from developing a Green Finance Framework (GFF) to completing third-party verification over how funds were spent. In addition, we help clients create internal controls and IT processes to track and manage costs. We can also help you with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting so that outside investors and the marketplace understand the value of your projects.

Whether you are a financial institution considering whether to offer Green Finance projects or a company taking advantage of these new opportunities, Weaver can help you design and manage the reporting and accounting to help your projects succeed.

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