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Protecting your interest while minimizing tax liabilities.

Motor Fuels and Excise Tax

Our goal is to make the world of fuel tax accessible for all industry participants. Whether you are new to the motor fuels industry or a seasoned participant, we are a partner with experience who can help you navigate the complex world of motor fuels and excise taxes. fuels tax registration, taxability and fuels tax reporting as well as identify applicable tax credits, exemptions, refunds and provide assistance with audits and assessments. 

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Tap into a wealth of motor fuels and excise tax experience.

Our comprehensive services cover federal excise taxes and tax credits, local level fuel taxes and environmental taxes, fees on fuel and audits and assessments of motor fuel tax. We assist refiners, marketers, transporters and retailers in understanding their motor fuel tax responsibilities and, if needed, addressing assessments and penalties. We help consumers of motor fuel understand their potential for motor fuel tax exemptions and refunds. 

Dedicated to delivering tax savings, minimizing overpayments and mitigating audit risks, Weaver’s experienced teams go beyond resolving your complex tax challenges. We collaborate with internal tax compliance departments to offer customized training programs and optimized compliance reporting processes.


Research and Consulting

Weaver’s teams are steeped with industry knowledge and experience, and we’ll consult with you to research and address the specific tax challenges you face. 

  • Multistate and federal taxability guidance
  • New business activities impact analysis
  • Federal and state certificate retention and exemption applications
  • Blender tax credits
  • Renewable fuels

Registration and Reporting Assistance

We can manage your registration and reporting requirements and save valuable staff time along the way. 

  • License Registrations
    • Federal Form 637
    • Terminal operator
    • Motor fuels tax
    • Inspection / environmental
  • Return and Report Preparation
    • Quarterly Federal Form 720
    • Monthly state motor fuels
    • ExSTARS

Federal / State Audit Assistance

From start to finish, our team knows the ins and outs of an audit process. You’ll benefit from both informal and formal knowledge and experience across a range of audit services.

We offer:

  • Audit risk and preparedness assessments
  • Voluntary disclosures
  • Pre-audit planning
  • Audit representation and defense
  • Penalty abatements
  • Settlement negotiations

Overpayment Recovery (Reverse Audits)

If you have been paying too much, we will help identify areas for tax recovery through reverse audits.

Our team will:

  • Identify and secure all available fuels and excise tax exemptions, deductions and credits
  • Evaluate and qualify specific equipment types to maximize applicable exemptions
  • Develop and implement enhancements for fuel consumption tracking

Compliance Outsourcing

Motor fuels and excise tax compliance can be demanding and, at times, arduous for internal tax compliance departments. Outsourcing motor fuels and excise tax compliance can help to ensure accuracy and ultimately minimize your motor fuels and excise tax exposure and improve your compliance processes. Weaver’s motor fuels and excise tax professionals understand the reporting and filing obligations of your organization and offer a comprehensive set of skills to deliver quality outsourced services.

  • Data gathering and review
  • Data cleanup
  • Reconcile, prepare and deliver draft returns
  • File returns
  • Recommendations for improvement processes

Software Implementation

Explore Weaver’s state and local tax services.

Our team can help with a broad spectrum of state and local tax issues.

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