Virtual Office


Our goal is to provide all employees, regardless of where they work, with the tools they need to succeed at work and in life. Employees who work remotely 100% of the time are part of the firm’s Virtual Office. While there is no set physical location for this office, there is a focus on creating a sense of cohesion and connection, sharing the Weaver culture across multiple time zones and service areas.

The Virtual Office leadership team works hard to bring remote workers together regularly and to build connections across the team.

Our Virtual Office features:

  • FUN Committee events to help build and strengthen bonds between Virtual Team members.
  • Monthly newsletters welcoming new hires, promoting upcoming events, announcing birthdays and work anniversaries, congratulating Core Value Award winners, and more!
  • Peer Group Leads to help employees build networks among other staff at similar experience levels by brainstorming solutions to common challenges.
  • A monthly food and beverage expense allotment for each virtual employee.
  • Biannual care packages with requested office supplies sent directly to all remote employees.

Weaver’s headquarters address is:

4400 Post Oak Parkway
Suite 1100
Houston, TX 77046
  • Phone: (800) 332-7952