Podcast: Episode 1047: Thanks for a Year of Listening

Podcast: Episode 1047: Thanks for a Year of Listening

Key Points:

  • Weaver: Beyond the Numbers Real Estate Edition turned one year old.
  • Altshuler and Nowak have covered a variety of topics.
  • They always want listener input as to what you want to hear


This is a bit of a special episode of Weaver: Beyond the Numbers Real Estate Edition. It's our first anniversary, and the hosts want to say thanks. There are no guests on this episode. Instead, as Rob says, “it's just the love of the real estate industry binding us together.” They remind listeners that long car rides are great for episodes of the podcast.

"The fact that people are listening to our podcast, the fact that people are commenting on it and sharing, shows that people like what they're hearing and they want to share it with others, as well," Altshuler said.

It's been about a year since the first episode. The hosts have learned, grew, and with the help of our listeners, gained a lot of new insight into the world of real estate: the success they've had, though, has been because of our listeners, supporters, and guests.

"We've had such a tremendous base of support from folks who are listening, commenting, suggesting topics, as well as those at the firm who have been incredible supporters," Nowak said.

Both Nowak and Altshuler mentioned that when they set out to do the show, they wanted to provide relevant content to the real estate community and was relevant across the industry. But, they want to know what you want to hear. So reach out to us.

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