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The Evolving CFO: Effectiveness Across a Broad Span of Control

Executive Resource
Chief Financial Officers need to have the right tools and framework to make an effective impact on their organization. Find out how.
December 23, 2021

How do you make the most of your expanding corporate influence?

Today’s CFO operates far beyond the traditional “finance first” role over the last decade, or even the last five years. The evolution of the position toward being a holistic and strategic business leader over operational aspects continues apace. From talent management to supply chain to technology assessment and implementation, this is a broad span of control.

If you are leading the CFO office during times of change or crisis—including economic collapse due to a global pandemic—the job becomes more complicated. More importantly, your sphere of influence expands. Challenges and opportunities follow.

How do you make the most impact on an organization? What are the levers of influence, the tools that make you more effective and the strategies for deploying your best people in the most critical positions?

CFO Advisory: A Framework for Effective Performance

One burgeoning trend is for CFOs to look outside the organization for expertise and assistance – not only for executive coaching, but also to create tools and frameworks to deploy in the organization to enhance performance.

We have found some common needs:

At Weaver, our CFO Advisory Services practice can create a package of services that can make your day-to-day operations flow more seamlessly, leaving you time for more strategic activities. We would also welcome the opportunity to consult on your thorniest problems and toughest environments, perhaps giving you a fresh perspective and a new path to success. For more information, contact us.

Authored by Alyssa Martin, CPA, and Adam Jones

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