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Prepare for Transformation: Steps for Becoming a Public Company

Executive Resource
Download our white paper for the steps your company needs to follow to prepare for a successful IPO, and transform into a successful public company.
December 22, 2021

With the prospect of raising capital and gaining access to many investors at once, the opportunities presented by an initial public offering (IPO) are exciting. With the right planning, your company can get the most out of this opportunity and experience a smooth registration process with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

When your company begins thinking about an IPO, you may be tempted to leave SEC compliance to the accounting department. However, going public requires changes far beyond additional financial reporting, and a successful transition will transform the whole company.

Careful planning can reduce both your costs and your anxiety. Ideally, leaders should begin preparing for the requirements of being a public company more than a year in advance of the actual IPO, particularly for requirements that involve governance changes, by preparing for increased financial reporting and building an internal control structure that supports Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance.

Weaver’s new guide, Prepare for Transformation: Is your company ready to go public? will take you through the steps your company will need to follow for a successful IPO journey.

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