Digital Transformation Services

As technology continues to generate massive changes in the way the world does business, organizations of every size are enhancing their effectiveness by leveraging technology solutions. We refer to it as Digital Transformation, but these initiatives may also be known as IT Modernization, Process Automation, or Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Regardless of what it is called, the benefits of digital transformation and automation can be substantial. Leveraging the power of automation and analytics to maximize the effectiveness of your organization's resources will start paying dividends with your first step. Digital transformation will allow you to make the most of information already in your financial and operational systems, minimize data entry errors, reduce processing time and lower costs.

Why Weaver?

With a broad portfolio of services from consulting to development, we can build the support plan that works for you and aligns with your strategic goals. Weaver has a deep bench of professionals across a wide range of industries, including energy, manufacturing, distribution and logistics, and government, that bring an understanding of the unique operations of your business. With our teams, you spend less time on-boarding the team to industry standard activities and more time focusing on solving your problems and enhancing your operations. We assign our project teams based on our clients’ specific needs, ensuring we staff each engagement with professionals who have the appropriate industry and project type experience. 

Furthermore, with our full suite of advisory capabilities we are more than just a developer for you but a resource for you with recognized industry thought leaders in IT, cybersecurity, and cryptocurrency.

Leverage the Power of Automation and Analytics

Start your journey / Consult on your digital transformation needs
Build and maintain ‘bots / Leverage our RPA developers
Develop dashboards and visualizations / Engage our visualization developers
Find insights in your data / Gain a data science perspective


No two projects are the same, and we bring strategic planning and a fresh mindset to each client’s diverse business needs. We perform tailored procedures to fully understand your unique needs and innovate collaboratively with your teams to find solutions that don’t just work from a technical perspective, but work for your business. Our solutions improve processes and reporting across organizations through our understanding of diverse technology, data management, and industry requirements.

Our services include:

Digital Transformation

  • Implementation Roadmap and Implementation Assistance
  • Process Governance
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Master Data Management
  • Training and Resource Development

Process Automation

  • Data Transformation
  • Process Automation Enablement
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Consulting, Design and Development
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Reporting Enhancement and Visualization

  • Data Tracing and Validation
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Visualization

Software and Tool Development

  • Custom App Development
  • Software Design and Development

Digital Transformation Thought Leadership

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