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Building Sustainable Businesses for Tomorrow’s World

Companies across all industries build sustainability into their organization from the ground up. They plan for tomorrow by addressing future risks and opportunities as well as current challenges. This has become even more critical with the increasing focus on such areas as carbon capture, greenhouse gas emissions, and LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) modeling.

Today, sustainability isn’t just about doing good—it’s good for business. Interest in potential business opportunities, along with the potential for new SEC reporting requirements, has brought Environmental, Social, and Governance, or ESG, programs to the forefront. The time for creating an integrated ESG program has come.

Why choose Weaver?

Weaver is uniquely positioned to assist organizations at every stage of their ESG journey. With our deep and diversified industry experience, combined with specialized service offerings, we offer valuable insight into forces driving goals related to sustainability, as well as related challenges and opportunities. Our team works with organizations of all types and sizes to develop a comprehensive approach to ESG, including accumulating, validating, and reporting information in response to new sustainability requirements.

Environmental / Emissions & GHG

With proposed greenhouse gas emissions and other climate change disclosure requirements taking center stage, many organizations are seeking to advance the ways they identify, gather, aggregate, and produce complete and accurate emissions reporting, consistent with leading methodologies. Our Environmental and Emissions-focused team, consisting of engineers and auditors with decades of experience, can support these efforts by providing a wide range of solutions that may include emissions process assessments, process improvement consulting, emissions modeling consulting, and roadmap development.

ESG Investing

ESG investing continues to evolve with proposed regulations, expansion into asset classes such as private equity and real estate, and increased scrutiny as to the benefits and detriments of the investment approach. Through our Asset Management Consulting Services, our Advisory team can help your team navigate the changing landscape and current challenges, including implementation, risk management, ESG health checks, third party due diligence, governance, policy development, analytics, and reporting across all asset classes.

Sustainability Strategy & Leadership

A meaningful and effective ESG strategy and program must align with the organization’s broader mission statement, purpose and core values. Not only will this drive authenticity through the process and help avoid “greenwashing,” it can also help the organization reach its short and long-term business objectives. Our Sustainability Strategy and Leadership team works alongside organizations to define meaningful strategy, establish an ESG roadmap and determine steps needed to meet ESG goals. Depending on your industry and stakeholder expectations, we help identify the most meaningful and material ESG metrics and topic areas.


Along with the Environmental and Social components of ESG, this is an important time for strong corporate Governance. Leveraging our decades of experience in understanding compliance requirements, improving processes and controls, and assessing and managing risks, our ESG Governance team helps clients navigate the volatile landscape of ESG reporting as well aslooming regulatory requirements. Our services include assessing your processes for identifying, gathering and producing reliable information for ESG reports, assessing your Governance environment and processes against any of the leading ESG frameworks and performing validation reviews of your ESG metrics prior to issuing ESG reports.


Obtaining third-party assurance over ESG reporting provides additional credibility to the metrics being assessed by investors and other stakeholders. Weaver’s ESG assurance services can address ESG reporting risks and bolster the level of confidence in reporting those metrics that matter the most. Your organization may be taking the first step toward understanding assurance requirements and other areas. You may be positioning your organization to comply with potential SEC climate change disclosure requirements. You may be interested in hiring a firm to perform an assurance engagement in accordance with AICPA attestation standards. In these cases and more, Weaver’s ESG assurance team can help your organization with its efforts to provide transparency to your stakeholders.

Tax Considerations

The current business environment demands the alignment of tax considerations to ESG-related programs and legislation like the federal Inflation Reduction Act, which includes significant tax credits for ESG efforts. Our ESG tax team is well-versed in the tax landscape and supports organizations in building and understanding the implications of a sustainable tax strategy. This is all while meeting compliance requirements and addressing the demands of an ever-changing market.

From strategic planning to ongoing process improvement, ESG reporting can be an opportunity for businesses to evaluate their operations and create a framework for future growth. Among the benefits of investing in an ESG program are enhanced investor interest and confidence, better alignment of corporate strategy with performance, and a stronger governance and control environment.

In addition to ESG Strategy and Consulting Services, our team of CPAs, professional engineers (PEs), chemists, and environmental lawyers guides numerous clients through the environmental compliance journey, from facility inspections to annual attestations. They also provide motor fuels and excise tax outsourcing and consulting, financial audits, risk management, assistance with IPO and public company reporting requirements, and cybersecurity assessments.

Getting Started

Building an ESG program begins with a commitment to assess and adjust operations and implement impactful initiatives over time.

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