Health Care Industry Valuations

Health care is arguably the most complex of all industries. Innovations in medical technology and the overall delivery of care are daunting enough. With constantly evolving regulatory oversight and the complexities of compliance, having a partner you can trust is more important than ever. Weaver can help.

Our trusted professionals have served clients of all types, from large, publicly-traded health care companies to solo practitioners. We have performed hundreds of health care valuation and litigation engagements for clients including, but not limited to:

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Valuation opinions services include:

  • Fair market value (FMV) opinions on health care companies for general transactional and management planning purposes
  • FMV opinions for Stark Law compliance under Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services guidelines
  • FMV opinions for anti-kickback statute compliance under Office of Inspector General guidelines
  • FMV for commercial reasonableness purposes
  • FMV for tax purposes
  • Fair value for general financial reporting requirements
  • Valuation of physician compensation and value-based contractual arrangements
  • Litigation support

Compensation arrangements valuation services include:

  • Management services organizations (MSO) compensation
  • Physician clinical compensation
  • On-call compensation
  • Physician administrative compensation
    • Medical Directors
    • Board of Directors
    • Consultants to life science and medical device companies

Our Experience

Modern health care is delivered using a wide range of business models. Weaver understands that each model presents its own unique challenges and benefits, and we know how to reflect those differences in each unique valuation.

Our experience with different types of health care businesses includes:

  • Ambulatory surgery centers
  • Cancer centers (radiation therapy and medical oncology)
  • Cath labs
  • Diagnostic imaging centers
  • Diagnostic labs
  • Dialysis centers
  • Free-standing emergency departments
  • Home health and hospice
  • Hospitals (general and long-term acute, inpatient rehabilitation, and specialty)
  • Infusion clinics
  • Imaging centers
  • Laboratory services
  • Management services organizations
  • Medical device, equipment and technology
  • Outpatient ancillary service facilities
  • Pharmacy services
  • Physician practices
  • Physical therapy centers
  • Sleep centers
  • Technology, life sciences and pharmaceuticals
  • Urgent care centers

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