Restructuring & Turnaround Services

The life of every business includes both periods of success and times of struggle. What differentiates the survivors is how they manage the difficult times. Companies that engage knowledgeable support and resources so they can take the right path will not only survive but emerge stronger, more resilient and more successful over the long term.  

An experienced team deploying proven tools makes all the difference in a company’s path and outcomes. Every company has unique needs, and Weaver’s experience across industries, with companies both public and private, with acquisitions and divestments, with private equity investors and portfolio companies, enables us to identify the strategies that will make the most difference and position your enterprise for a rapid recovery.

Weaver can support you in developing successful long-term and short-term strategies using a variety of approaches, such as:

  • Modeling financial projections
  • Analyzing and optimizing cash flow
  • Improving credit and collection policies
  • Streamlining and optimizing IT operations
  • Enabling access to capital resources
  • Supporting transactions, including negotiation support and due diligence

Our mission is your success, so we keep our focus on your goals for your company. Weaver will work collaboratively with your team to develop the right strategy, create an actionable plan, and then provide assistance as you implement the required steps to achieve your goals promptly and cost-effectively.

Support for Distressed Companies

Restructuring and Turnaround

What will it take to turn a distressed company around? Are the challenges primarily external or internal? Are they situational or structural? By taking time to identify the true root causes, Weaver can design the right solutions — large enough to make a difference, but never over-reaching.

Our restructuring and turnaround professionals assist companies in improving their operations and achieving long term goals through services like these:

  • Identifying operational and process improvements designed to improve efficiency and profitability
    • Working capital analysis and strategic planning
    • Cash flow forecasting and modeling
    • Scenario-based sensitivity modeling and decision support
    • Profitability and margin analysis modeling
    • Pro forma financial modeling
    • Process and internal control improvements to address both revenue/customer and expenditure/vendor aspects of the business
    • IT organizational assessments of team capabilities, resource capacity, operations bottlenecks and alignment with business objectives
  • Policy assessments and proposed revisions to improve credit management, cash flow and cost reductions
  • Analysis and assistance during negotiation of commitments and potential funding sources:
    • Business interruption claims, damages analysis; identification of potential funding sources
    • Debt restructuring analysis and negotiation assistance, including review of loan covenants and working capital
    • Review of options or other stock agreements to determine protection mechanisms for the company and its employees
    • Lease or facilities management, including mortgages
    • Maintenance of security requirements for the facilities and IT systems
    • Reviewing software licenses and IT-related contracts
    • Analysis and assistance during negotiation of vendor terms, supply agreements and credit needs
    • Credit risk analysis linked to company revenue
  • Business valuations and analysis for companies, subsidiaries or business units
  • Staff augmentation services, including:
    • Accounting and finance
    • Financial reporting
    • Revenue analysis
    • Cost of sales analysis
    • Information technology management
Interim Support and Financial Management

In challenging times, an experienced advisor can be your greatest tool. Unlike lenders or outside equity shareholders, our only mission is your company’s long-term success. You can count on Weaver’s seasoned professionals to provide guidance through times of disruption and transformation. Our team, including our strategic network of other turnaround and restructuring professionals, provides clients with cost-effective access to the support they need, such as:

  • Chief Restructuring Officer
  • Other C-Suite positions, such as CFO and CIO
  • Bankruptcy and restructuring strategy and consulting
  • Finance and accounting department management
  • Independent board members
Bankruptcy and Fiduciary Services

Sometimes a company reaches the point where restructuring through bankruptcy must be evaluated as an option. Weaver and our strategic network of other turnaround and restructuring professionals can advise clients; we can also serve as fiduciaries and advisors such as Chapter 11 trustees, liquidating trustees, receivers and case managers. We can also collectively assist lenders, creditors and committees with troubled loans or bankruptcy-related issues.


Whether your company has recently encountered a difficult situation or has struggled for years, Weaver can help. Contact us to talk about your needs and goals, and to get the support that will help your organization emerge into lasting success.


Note: Weaver’s turnaround services are performed on a retainer basis, negotiated to suit each client’s needs and budget.