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Disputes: Financial Services

Financial Services Disputes

Disputes involving companies in the financial services industry can be complex and often require assistance from forensic accountants with deep understanding of the industry and related practices. Our expert witnesses and financial investigators provide forensic accounting and litigation support services to law firms and the companies they represent such as retail banks, commercial banks, investment banks, insurance companies, brokerage firms, registered investment advisors, mortgage servicers, credit unions and investment funds, as well as regulatory agencies. By working with forensic accountants, otherwise overly complex financial and other matters are made easy for parties and courts to understand.

Financial services support when you need it.

We provide written reports and testimony in deposition and at trial in local, state and federal courts. We have decades of collective litigation consulting experience that includes banking practices, transaction analysis, standards of care, fiduciary duties, economic damages, fraud investigations, funds tracing, fraudulent transfers and financial forensics.

Several of our professionals have previously held senior level roles at financial institutions and have served as senior commercial loan officers, investment officers, chief financial officers, chief operating officers and chief executive officers. We also have experience working as consultants for federal regulators in a broad array of services, including bank-related investigations involving identity theft, fraud and assistance with post-closing and other resolution activities of a number of regional and national banks. This on-point experience directly translates to efficiencies of time and effort by parties on both sides of the table.

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