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Disputes: Health Care

Health Care Disputes

As much as health care is the lifeblood of thriving populations, investigations and disputes are inevitable. Weaver is frequently engaged on behalf of health care stakeholders throughout the industry, including comprehensive hospital systems, specialized service providers and individual health care providers to help navigate the financial, economic and damages-related complexities of health care disputes. Weaver’s Forensics and Litigation Services team professionals play an important role in health care disputes by providing financial expertise and analysis throughout the legal process and valuable insights that enable our clients to manage financial risks.

We speak the language of health care.

Health care companies of all sizes, individual physicians and other medical professionals trust Weaver’s deeply experienced team. The law firms representing these health care participants, too, look to our team for fraud and forensic accounting investigations or to provide litigation support in health care disputes.

Most of our professionals have advanced degrees and certifications in areas such as accounting (CPA), valuation (ASA, CVA), financial forensics (CFF, MAFF) and fraud investigation (CFE). As professionals who routinely serve as expert testifiers and consulting experts in health care litigation and arbitration matters, we have in-depth, hands-on experience leveraging the latest advancements in data analytics and forensic accounting techniques to evaluate large volumes of data, address privacy concerns and incorporate the unique and evolving legal and regulatory landscape within the health care industry. Because we’ve worked with so many players in this highly specialized industry, we speak the language of health care, creating the types of efficiencies that lead to better outcomes for all parties.

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