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We Help Manage Critical Risks and Compliance.

Risk and Compliance

Weaver’s risk and compliance services help organizations identify, evaluate and manage critical risks and compliance initiatives. We work with senior management and the board to develop processes to monitor and manage risk and ensure compliance activities are effective. A healthy knowledge of risk and compliance at the senior level allows the organization to turn risk management into a strategic advantage.


Enterprise Risk Management

For organizations looking to develop a truly enterprise-wide view of risk, Weaver provides a top-down enterprise risk management (ERM) framework designed to foster ongoing improvement and long-term risk management maturity. Based on industry frameworks such as COSO ERM 2017 and ISO 31000, our ERM services address external and internal risks holistically, from the top down. We have developed a highly efficient approach designed to achieve multiple initiatives with a single effort, with an overarching focus on critical risk events that impact strategic initiatives, operational processes, financial practices and technology. Our risk libraries allow for a relevant and meaningful comparison of risks, allowing us to identify whether significant risks have been unintentionally missed or underappreciated as part of your company’s risk profile. Along the way, we provide you with the tools needed to understand key risk indicators (KRIs) and key performance indicators (KPIs) — and how they contribute to overall strategic goals.

Risk Assessment

A risk assessment will assist management with understanding the risks inherent to their business so that they may be managed proactively and mitigated appropriately. Whether assessing risk at the entity or process level or focusing on a specific function, risk assessments serve as the foundation for an overall risk management program. They can also help organizations meet operational objectives, compliance requirements and strategic business planning goals. We use a highly collaborative approach for performing risk assessments, involving management and stakeholders from the very start to extend organizational buy-in and consensus on the prioritization of risks. We are also able to tap into our many data analytics tools to further assess and identify key risk indicators, leading to a more insightful evaluation of risk. This allows organizations to focus their mitigation efforts where they’re needed most, increasing the overall impact of each assessment and enhancing overall risk management maturity.

Corporate Compliance Assessments

Within any organization, the roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors and Senior Management are complex and multi-faceted. Understanding the compliance requirements for the organization is just one of those responsibilities, but a critical one. Compliance can vary based on industry, operation, location, and entity-type. The professionals on Weaver’s Risk Advisory team can assist senior leadership with organizing and summarizing the specific regulatory, operational, financial, and technical compliance requirements for your organization. The first step is understanding your compliance landscape, followed by identifying and periodically validating compliance monitoring and control activities.

Third-Party and Vendor Risk Management

In today’s business environment, organizations are outsourcing operational and administration activities regularly and relying on vendors to perform critical business processes. Periodically assessing the performance of vendors and service providers to ensure they are in compliance with contract terms and effectively meeting the needs of your business is a healthy exercise. The professionals in Weaver’s Risk Advisory practice can assist you in evaluating third-party and vendor risk in your organization and in developing a roadmap to ensure that you are maximizing value from your vendor relationships.

Grant Monitoring and Compliance

Whether it is funding for research and development or disaster recovery aid, grant funding almost always comes with compliance requirements. Whether you are a granting agency, a pass through agency, or grant recipient, our professionals have deep experience in grant compliance. We can help you design, implement, and run a grant monitoring program to ensure the funds you award are expended on allowable items, and that grant recipients are in compliance with grant terms. For grant recipients, we can help you design processes and training to ensure your employees understand grant requirements, spend funds appropriately, and provide granting agencies the required reports.

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Financial Institution Compliance

Banks, credit unions, and other credit-related companies must navigate a complex framework of regulatory requirements. Weaver can help. Our team of banking services professionals works with institutions in assessing compliance risks and evaluating processes and controls that help ensure regulatory compliance. We can assist institutions with preparing and updating compliance risk assessments, evaluating compliance management systems, or performing audits of critical compliance areas, such as lending, fair lending, deposits, BSA/AML and OFAC, and CRA. We maintain a focus on compliance and also on efficiency and effectiveness of compliance activities.

Construction Audit Services

Construction costs are always growing. Finding someone who has the depth and knowledge to assist you in evaluating construction invoices is not easy. Our professionals have the background and skills to help. They can dig into construction invoices to validate costs, verify compliance with the terms of the contract, or review the procedures and controls of your internal construction and project management processes. We understand the nuances of the construction industry, and can give you confidence that the funds you spend on construction are valid and accurate.

Asset Management Consulting Services

Investment companies and asset managers need to be nimble to respond to the challenges of new and existing regulations, complex investment strategies, digital assets, industry consolidation, and pressure to reduce costs and headcount. Weaver’s Asset Management Consulting team can assist retail and alternative asset managers to create value by building the organizational strength and capacity to thrive in today’s competitive environment. We provide internal audit, regulatory compliance, risk and management consulting services for investment advisors and asset managers of any size.

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