Improving Outcomes and Transforming Culture in State Correction Agencies

Case Studies on Achieving Performance Improvement Through the Results Management System

Focused on improving processes and increasing transparency, the Weaver team has worked with correction agencies across the country to implement organization change based on performance outcomes and process measures.

Why It Matters

  • Correctional facilities experience complicated issues, including increased recidivism, high officer vacancies and a myriad of inefficient processes while at the same time dealing with the pressures of reducing operating costs
  • Having a culture that is data-driven and fact-based builds transparency and accountability which leads to better decision making
  • Implementing improvement initiatives necessitates the identification of core and supporting processes as well as owners and accountability measures which will reduce costly waste by enabling employees to better implement process solutions

What’s Inside?

The corrections staff we work with speak to both our quantitative performance improvements and qualitative outcomes across issues such as recidivism, inmate costs, inmate intake case plans, inmate employment and skill development, restitution pay, staff/inmate safety needs, staff morale, staff turnover, wellness and diversity, etc.  In this article, you will find:

  • Challenges faced by large correction facilities clients
  • Goals identified by client leadership teams
  • Tailored solutions developed and outcomes achieved