Webinar: Incorporating Data Analytics into Your Fraud Tool Kit

Weaver's 2023 Government CPE Series

Our presentation takes a look at recent fraud trends and statistics from the last 3 ACFE Reports to the Nations, with a focus on trends related to the emergence of data analytics. We also dive into several case studies of recent fraud cases in the public sector and discuss how data analysis and monitoring could have been utilized to detect the fraud much sooner. Finally, we provide an overview of the key questions to ask as you begin to incorporate data analysis into your organization’s risk program.

During this on-demand session, attendees learn:

  • Trends and current fraud statistics
  • Ways to leverage data analysis and monitoring to detect fraud
  • Key points to consider when utilizing data analysis in your risk program

Incorporating Data Analytics into Your Fraud Tool Kit

Meet the speakers:

This webinar is for all levels of business professionals, accountants and CFOs.

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