Integrating True ERM Adds Tangible Value

Enterprise risk management (ERM) is not a new concept; rather it’s a traditional management function of corporate governance and compliance. In recent years, however, the market interest and value associated with organizations that implement true ERM have made the subject a hot topic. Not only can an ERM program significantly increase an enterprise’s intrinsic value, but it can also improve internal decision making.

In a recent interview with Smart Business, Alyssa Martin, risk advisory services partner at Weaver, discussed ERM integration into strategic, business and financial management processes. She addresses:

  • How ERM differs from other methods of assessing and managing risk
  • If many companies are already following an ERM program
  • Where companies fall short when it comes to ERM

View Alyssa’s Smart Business interview, How to realize tangible value by integrating true ERM, to learn more about each of these enterprise risk management topics.