Investor Roundtable: A 2020 Global Outlook

What are investors thinking right now?

With the world and global economy trying to adapt and recover from the pandemic, Weaver wanted to know how investors are responding to the events that unfolded over the past few months and what opportunities are being considered in the near future. So we teamed up with Opalesque to invite a group of investors around the world to talk about the issues that are top of mind.

We were pleased to have the following speakers open up about their views on the current crisis, trends, emerging managers, valuations, fundraising, hedge funds, real estate, venture capital, ESG and new technology developments that might make you a little nervous:

  • Christopher Beres, Vice President, Investment Oversight, Nuveen
  • Peter Fletcher, Managing Director, PHF Capital; Founder & Chairman, Club b
  • Lisa Head, Partner-in-Charge, Investment Fund Tax Services, Weaver
  • Cedric Kohler, Head of Advisory, Fundana
  • David S. Rose, Managing Partner, Rose Tech Ventures; CEO, Gust
  • Moderator: Matthias Knab, Managing Director & Managing Editor, Opalesque

In addition to learning the “top six macro and geopolitical themes that are on top of families and single family offices today,” you can download the transcript of this Investor Roundtable to read more about investor perspectives on:

  • How their managers performed and handled business continuity during the current crisis
  • Valuations, the need to focus on profitability and the comparison of public markets to private markets
  • The calculus for angel and (seed) venture capital investors
  • Family offices working together on deals and how they are looking at investments
  • What the crisis might reveal as “structural instabilities that were baked in to the market, but not readily apparent”
  • The commercial real estate market and where there might be opportunity
  • The effects of “exponential technologies” on society
  • The evolution of the energy industry noting some opportunities and challenges
  • Why hedging well and achieving diversification can be difficult
  • Managed futures, CTAs and trend followers—what worked and why there are still challenges
  • Fundraising—why some emerging managers are having success, yet raising capital is still a challenge for many
  • Why ESG continues to be a hot topic for the industry and where investors expect there to be opportunity
  • The future—interesting insights on facial recognition, advanced technology, globalization and investing in a world where “if something can be done, it will be done”

At Weaver, we will continue the dialogue with the investment community and share our insights. By understanding the interests and concerns of investors, we can all better address their needs, expectations and challenges. If you would like to learn more about how we support the alternative investment industry, we welcome you to contact our financial services team.


Weaver & Opalesque Investor Roundtable PDF Download