IRS and Treasury to Issue Guidance for Inflation Reduction Act Energy Credits and Incentives

Weaver is closely following the IRS and Treasury Department’s activities to issue further guidance on IRA clean energy credits and incentives

On May 12, 2023, the IRS issued initial guidance for the domestic content bonus credit. Please stay tuned for more information about these requirements.

At a May 6, 2023, American Bar Association meeting, Treasury officials noted that Direct Pay and Transferability guidance would be released by the end of Spring 2023. The following guidance is also on the near horizon:

  • Qualifying Advanced Energy Project credit (Section 48C)
  • Prevailing wage and apprenticeship requirements
  • Section 48(e) (certain solar and wind facilities placed in service in connection with low-income communities)

Weaver is here to help in all aspects of your clean energy projects. We can assist by reviewing your process flow diagrams to determine what may be qualified facilities, navigating complex energy compliance with IRA credit requirements and evolving regulations, conducting construction and operations phase wage rate and apprenticeship compliance audits, among other services. Please contact us for information.

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