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Start exploring insights from across the industries we serve, featuring the latest industry trends, compliance alerts, tax and accounting news and much more.

Learn how the IRS assessment of “implicit support” will affect its scrutiny of intercompany loans for multinational firms.
The credit is aimed at bolstering and incentivizing the emerging biotechnology sector to create jobs and invest in NYC and is available 1/1/23-1/1/26.
Weaver's Specialty Tax Services team covers the top issues across our Specialty Tax Services, including State and Local Tax (SALT), Fixed Assets, Tax Provisions and Transaction Tax Advisory.
For companies subject to motor fuels and excise taxes, simply complying with federal and state tax requirements can take significant internal resources.
California removed the income cap subject to the State Disability Insurance contribution as of 1/1/2024 and increased the SDI contribution rate to 1.1 percent.
Weaver’s Marc Young and Brandon Hayes offer insights and solutions for sales and use tax challenges in the construction industry on Weaver: Beyond the Numbers.
Counties can impose surcharge when pipeline companies claim IRC Section 45Q carbon capture & sequestration tax credit on pipelines passing through their jurisdiction.
In a business sale, due diligence is critical to mitigate the risk of unexpected tax issues for buyers and sellers. Find out key components of tax due diligence.
Discover tax optimization strategies in manufacturing and distribution with Rafael Ferrales on Weaver's podcast, focusing on asset management and tax reporting differences.
While higher education institutions enjoy federal income tax exemptions on most of their revenue, it can be challenging to figure out when taxes are due.
Pending Tennessee legislation could provide businesses with a refund for a portion of franchise taxes paid during the past three years. Find out more.
Weaver's Specialty Tax Services team brings you an update of current issues in SALT, International Tax and Transfer Pricing, Transaction Tax Advisory, and more.
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