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As more businesses and investment fund managers enter the world of digital assets, questions inevitably arise about the evolving environment for cryptocurrencies and opportunities for blockchain. What are the potential benefits, business implications, risks and requirements? How are funds, investors and financial institutions handling the custody of digital assets? What are the tax and other regulatory considerations for funds and individuals investing in crypto? These are just some of the discussions we’re having with clients around cryptocurrency.

Weaver’s Cryptocurrency Task Force was formed to identify and respond to the growing needs of investment funds, financial institutions, blockchain companies, mining companies and others in the digital asset community. Clients across a wide span of industries, including alternative investments, banking, technology and government, look to us for the most recent updates and best practices in this emerging area.

Our Cryptocurrency Task Force serves clients in the areas of:  

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Kevin Sanford

Kevin Sanford

National Strategy Leader, Financial Services


Kevin Sanford, CPA, has more than 18 years of experience in public accounting and currently serves as the partner-in-charge…

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