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Venture Capital Funds

As more entrepreneurs start new businesses, venture capital (VC) funds find more opportunities to invest and attract capital. There has been a shifting dynamic within the VC space as competition for the next unicorn increases while the investment community overall has more dry powder than deals. This means both portfolio companies and VC funds are looking for ways to differentiate themselves and add value. For instance, venture capital groups, including micro VC funds, compete in the services they offer to assist portfolio companies beyond just fundraising.

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In venture capital, there are many lessons learned as the manager grows from fund one to fund two, or as their portfolio companies prepare for the second round of fundraising. Knowing the right service providers who support the VC funds or the portfolio companies throughout the business lifecycle is key. At Weaver, we run an Emerging Manager Circle for our venture capital clients so they can network with one another and learn from featured guests on topics such as developing an effective pitch book, due diligence and investor relations.

Working with more than 3,000 funds, Weaver has significant experience with VC funds, even beyond traditional audit and tax. In addition to helping clients determine the most tax efficient fund structure, we have an international tax team that advises on foreign filings to assist your global fundraising efforts.

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Partner-in-Charge, Alternative Investment Services