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A fairness opinion is a form of valuation analysis, which differs from other valuation analyses in that it evaluates the value received in the transaction in addition to the value exchanged.
Tiered discounts in valuations performed for estate and gift tax purposes will almost always be met with a challenge by the IRS.
An employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) is a tax-advantaged way to sell a business to the employees of a company. An ESOP allows the employees of a company to be the beneficial (not legal) owners of a company’s equity. 
An ESOP is a qualified retirement plan sponsored by a company, but unlike a 401K, an ESOP must invest primarily in the stock of the company sponsor and an ESOP may borrow money to finance the purchase of company stock.
Weaver brings a reliable, institutional-level approach to ESOP assurance services, fairness opinions, annual valuations and valuation reviews.
The recent declines in the financial markets and in the overall economy present a dramatic shift from a period of historically high valuations to what could potentially be, at least temporarily, historical lows.