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The Oklahoma Journal Record’s 2024 Power List of Women in Accounting and Finance recognizes Jennifer Krieger for her contributions.
Find out how health care providers may be required to repay PRF funds for failure to comply with terms of funding or findings from an audit of the awarded funds.
The Employee Retention Credit is drawing IRS scrutiny and rejected claims partly in response to numerous misleading marketing campaigns from ERC promoters.
The IRS has announced a moratorium on the processing of new ERC claims. Improper claims and concerns from tax professionals are among the reasons for the IRS action.
Employee Retention Credit (ERC) scams attempt to lure businesses into applying for the ERC when they do not qualify, even under its expanded eligibility.
Many third-party promoters of the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) ignore a crucial qualifier within the partial shut-down safe harbor: The “more than nominal” test.
The DOL has committed to finalizing regulations surrounding the adequate consideration exemption, a proposed regulation still being cited in ESOP transactions
Tune in as CFO of Pieper-Houston Electric, Will Rosell, sits down with Weaver's Jennifer Krieger to explain how and why their ESOP plan was chosen.
On this episode of The ESOP Podcast, Bret Keisling is joined by Jennifer Krieger, financial advisory services director at Weaver, to discuss stock appreciation rights, including when and why they're issued, performance vs. retention SARs, questions of value dilution, and how SAR's differ from other forms of compensation.
Tune in as Rob Nowak and Howard Altshuler discuss the effects of Hurricane Ian and other natural disasters on the real estate market and the economy.
An employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) is a tax-advantaged way to sell a business to the employees of a company. An ESOP allows the employees of a company to be the beneficial (not legal) owners of a company’s equity. 
Manufacturing companies continue to report strong demand and volume growth on their products, with production rebounding to pre-COVID levels.
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