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Start exploring insights from across the industries we serve, featuring the latest industry trends, compliance alerts, tax and accounting news and much more.

Register for our 2023 GASB update that covers recently issued statements such as GASB-96 as well as current GASB projects underway.
Learn about the methods to modernize your organization’s risk assessment and audit plan processes from monitoring macro events, and more.
Journey through the Lone Star State with keynote speaker Holly Heard during our Government CPE series.
Our second Going Public session takes a deep dive into the registration process and requirements when going from a private to a public company. Watch on-demand.
Our first Going Public session offers a better understanding of the key steps to IPO readiness and varying workstreams to manage. Watch on-demand now.
This session digs into tax preparedness for emerging managers, including covering commonly asked tax questions related to venture capital and how emerging managers should prepare for the tax process.
Join Weaver’s public company practice as they dig into relevant regulatory, accounting and reporting issues that public companies face. These on-demand sessions cover suggestions and technical updates when preparing for reporting cycles and beyond. Topics include:
Weaver and The L Group are pleased to invite you to the next session in our Healthy Growth webinar series: Inspiring Healthy Growth - Healthy Leadership. This live learning session will help you, your team, and your business thrive. Healthy leadership addresses human needs—it’s personal. Healthy leadership is like a cultural magnet that attracts people to your team and the cultural glue that makes them want to stay. If your employees don’t see healthy leadership, they will look for it elsewhere.
Join us as we revisit cybersecurity frameworks and requirements and how they’ve changed over time and dig into advanced capabilities that are essential.
Watch Weaver's session on preparing for GASB 96 as our presenters provide insight into best practices and tips for a smooth implementation.
This webinar is geared to help organizations embrace the shift and move to the next step in their digital transformation.
The difference makers on your team are instrumental to the growth and development of your organization. Identifying these important individuals will allow you to assign tasks successfully and could impact the success and efficiency of your organization dramatically.
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