Podcast: Alternative Investments with Houston Beasley of Moriah Real Estate Company

The Alternative Edge

In this episode of Weaver: Beyond the Numbers, The Alternative Edge host Jeremy Winkler and his guest Houston Beasley of Moriah Real Estate Company discuss the intricacies of the alternative investments space, particularly as if concerns emerging managers. They delve into Houston’s journey from public accounting to the world of real estate investing, the evolution of Moriah Real Estate Company and the challenges and benefits of transitioning from a fundless sponsor to a fund structure.

Key Points:

  • Launching your first structured fund brings both challenges and opportunities.
  • Being "institutional ready" is crucial for attracting a broader range of investors and ensuring seamless operations.
  • Effective communication and collaboration between fund managers and auditors can streamline both the audit and tax compliance processes.


Alternative investments have become a pivotal topic in the financial world. Houston Beasley’s journey from public accounting to the realm of private funds, which has included playing a critical role in launching Moriah’s first real estate fund, offers insights into the dynamic nature of this sector. The successful launches of Fund One and, subsequently, Fund Two have provided Houston and Moriah with first-hand experience of the challenges and opportunities of transitioning to a fund structure. This episode highlights the importance of both preparation for the transition in structure and selecting quality service providers who can work seamlessly together.

Houston Beasley shares, “The first time you do anything is the most complicated version of it.” He continues, “The lessons we’ve learned through Fund One launch and subsequent execution we’ve been able to carry into Fund Two." This underscores the significance of laying a foundation for future success that can be accomplished through a diligent approach to launching an initial fund and underscores the importance of selecting quality service providers, including audit and tax compliance services, to help you navigate that process.

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