Podcast: Buildings and Spaces’ Role in the ‘End’ of COVID-19

Podcast: Buildings and Spaces’ Role in the ‘End’ of COVID-19

Howard Altshuler, Weaver Partner-in-Charge, Real Estate Services and Rob Nowak, Weaver Partner, Tax Services are back with another episode of Weaver: Beyond the Numbers, Real Estate Edition.

On this episode, the hosts tackled a tough topic – how does the COVID-19 pandemic end, and what will that “end” actually look like?

“I think there are going to be a lot of events that are going to have to come to fruition in order for things to come back to normal,” Altshuler said. “I think a lot of people are betting on a vaccine as one thing. I think seeing people continue to have healthy habits in terms of masking up, washing hands and staying home when you’re sick … [are] going to be important.”

Buildings and Spaces’ Role in the ‘End’ of COVID-19

Another aspect the two agreed on is that spaces will need to be made safer for people and more tailored to the precautions that will help keep people safe, particularly in the absence of a vaccine for COVID-19.

To take that idea a step further, the two proposed a key question: why, in a world where building certifications surrounding sustainability and more are common, could there not be a certification that designates buildings as environmentally sound in terms of air filtration, life safety systems, and more?

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