Podcast: New Developments in Downtown Fort Worth, Texas

Location Cubed

Key Points: 

  • Remodeling of Weaver’s downtown Fort Worth office location
  • Fort Worth’s transformation into a destination city
  • New real-estate developments occurring in the cultural district


Since the pandemic, downtown Fort Worth, Texas, has entered a new era of development activity. Smack dab in the middle of all this action is Weaver’s Fort Worth office, located on West 7th Street. Weaver recently renovated their office, which included knocking down walls, increasing natural light and adding more open space to create a better work environment. Aside from the improvements to the office, Location Cubed’s Howard Altshuler wanted a first-hand perspective on all the changes happening in the museum district, so he tapped someone local to the city to provide insights. Aaron Grisz, Tax Partner at Weaver filled in for Altshuler’s regular podcasting partner, Rob Nowak, to discuss the excitement in the cultural district of Fort Worth.

“Another new development around the office, just a few blocks away, is 1001 University,” Grisz said. “This is the old Landmark Magnolia Lounge space. There’s a couple of acres right there. It will have 140,000 square feet of office, 225 apartments, and a four-star hotel with about 135 rooms.”

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