Podcast: Stepping Beyond the Numbers: Exploring the Real Estate Landscape

Location Cubed

Key Points:

  • The role of the Leadership Program in providing participants with a holistic understanding of the real estate industry
  • How the program helps participants network with local developers and professionals in the Dallas area
  • Elizabeth's intriguing insights about recent real estate projects in the Dallas area


As the real estate sector continues to rapidly evolve, industry insiders are seeking valuable insights and guidance. One person providing such insights is Elizabeth Trochez, a senior manager at Weaver who focuses on real estate audits. Recently, Elizabeth's participation in the Urban Land Institute Center for Leadership Program brought her fresh perspective on the industry's trends and future.

What were Elizabeth’s key takeaways from the program? How are they relevant to current dynamics in the the real estate industry?

On this episode of Location Cubed, Elizabeth Trochez joins hosts Howard Altshuler and Aaron Grisz to discuss her experience with the Leadership Program at the Urban Land Institute and how the takeaways from this program can add insight about the current real estate landscape in Dallas, Texas.

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Elizabeth Trochez has devoted her career to public accounting, focusing on real estate audits. She recently graduated from the Urban Land Institute Center for Leadership Program. Originally from East Texas, Trochez now resides in Dallas, where she continues to contribute significantly to Weaver's audit practice.

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