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Podcast: NYC Real Estate and Alternative Investment Trends

Gain insights on NYC's real estate market trends and alternative investment strategies with Weaver's podcast, The Alternative Edge.
December 4, 2023

The Alternative Edge

As New York City’s real estate and alternative investment landscape evolves, Brandon Cooperman and Howard Altshuler discuss the current state of the market and offer industry insights in this episode of Weaver: The Alternative Edge. Follow their conversation surrounding the current trends, market forecasts and strategic growth throughout the real estate sector.

Key Points:


In this discussion, Brandon and Howard approach New York’s real estate market with an overview of current trends, insights and happenings. They detail the divergence of the market into new, high-demand properties versus older buildings, the potential transformations to multifamily spaces and the growth prospects for alternative real estate assets like self-storage and manufactured housing.

Within the episode, Howard mentions that he plans to attend the Bisnow State of the Market Forecast where panels will discuss the office evolution and its challenges, interest rate predictions and Local Law 97.

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