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Podcast: A Real Estate and Construction Perspective on Midland, Texas

The Location Cubed hosts dive into the economic impacts of the oil and gas industry, commercial growth, and residential demand in Midland with Meredith McKeehan.
June 20, 2023

Location Cubed

Hosts Howard Altshuler, Partner-in-Charge of Real Estate and Construction Services, and Aaron Grisz, Real Estate Tax Leader, welcomed guest Meredith McKeehan, an Assurance Partner in Weaver’s Midland location. Their discussion delves into the ebbs and flows of the Midland real estate and construction market and highlights interesting construction projects in Midland, Texas. McKeehan’s own personal and professional journey as a longtime resident of Midland offers additional perspective on these issues.

Key Points:


With the booming oil and gas industry in West Texas playing a significant role in the local economy, the real estate and construction market in Midland, Texas, is worth paying attention to. Amid an ever-changing economic climate, navigating Midland’s real estate and construction market challenges requires insight and experience. The city has undergone a drastic shift in housing demand and commercial growth, directly reflecting fluctuating oil prices. This past September, ranked Midland, Texas number one as the best place in America to buy a house.

So, how does the relationship between oil, real estate and construction, and the local economy impact Midland? That’s the core question explored in the latest episode of Location Cubed.

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