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Trust and Estate Valuation Services

Whether it is determining the value of an estate for tax purposes, or valuing assets for estate planning or charitable giving, Weaver’s valuation professionals can handle even the most complex valuation issues related to closely held businesses, other illiquid assets, real estate or other tangible personal property, intellectual property or complex securities.

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We are skilled at hard-to-value investments, including those in the real estate industry, and know how to allocate the value of underlying assets across complex capital structures. Weaver’s professionals collectively have decades of experience in applying well-documented and supportable shareholder-level discounts based on the specific rights and privileges of a subject interest. To help navigate changing tax laws and regulations, our team has the expertise to form defensible valuation positions by coordinating directly with Weaver’s best-in-class private client and business tax service professionals.

When valuing a closely held business, including its tangible and intangible assets, whether for rendering in a Form 706 or 709, for gifting or for estate administration, we understand the need to comply with relevant codes and to have significant experience in supporting applied discounts.

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