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A Culture of Inclusion — A Formula for Success

Embracing a culture of inclusion is quite different than having a diverse workforce. Even a highly diverse workforce can have a culture that is far from inclusive. Diversity refers to the composition of your workforce, while inclusion refers to whether your employees are participating in the…

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Prep Now for the 2012 Tax Season

As an executive or business owner, you well know the potential impact of federal taxes on your company’s profitability, not to mention your individual income. Critically understanding this impact allows you to plan accordingly to maximize your strategy and minimize any potential negative impact…

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Benefit From the Financial Rules Transition

You’re excused if you weren’t jumping for joy over the AICPA’s initiated auditing standards and controls for service organizations. A decade of new internal controls and financial reporting requirements already increased costs while offering menial benefits.

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Take Stock of Your Corporate ID

How much time do you spend focusing on your corporate identity?

Without a thorough grasp of what your corporate identity encompasses and what it represents, it can be difficult to recognize when it’s time to refocus or reinvent it. 

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