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Accounting Matters: Keep the Heart of Your Nonprofit Beating

Your accounting department is the heart of your nonprofit. Although departments such as programming or fundraising may seem to have more obvious relationships with your nonprofit’s mission, your accounting function ensures that the whole organization runs well — and remains healthy over the long…

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Corporate Sponsorship Money: Is It Taxable?

Nonprofits have pursued corporate sponsorships for years, with good reason. Effectively executed, sponsorships can benefit both sponsor and organization. But if your nonprofit isn’t careful, a sponsorship can be deemed paid advertising and your organization could end up liable for unrelated…

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What It Takes to Manage an Endowment

Every nonprofit dreams of receiving a large endowment that will keep it financially worry-free in the future and allow it to fulfill its mission with ease. But, in the real world, endowments also carry serious responsibilities, created by the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act…

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The IRS is Watching Real Estate Donated to Charity

Donating real estate property to a charity can both further your philanthropic goals and provide valuable tax deductions. But the IRS imposes strict rules on charitable deductions that you must follow if you want to reap the tax savings you expect. 

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