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C to S Corporation Valuation Method Gains Acceptance in Kress v. U.S.

A recent decision from the United States District Court – Eastern District of Wisconsin appears to endorse the appraisal approach of tax-affecting the earnings of an S corporation. In March 2019, Chief Judge William C. Griesbach issued an important verdict in Kress v. United States, a case that…

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What Is a Company Worth When It’s Liquidated?

No matter how much the overall economy is thriving, some businesses will struggle and eventually need to liquidate their assets. Getting the most out of liquidation requires guidance from financial experts who can help owners make informed decisions.

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How Much Is That Spin-Off Business Worth?

When companies sell part of their operations as a separate business, calculating the new company’s value can be more complicated than you might think. Its value may need to be adjusted to account for changes in the relationship with its former parent company.

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Could Your Shareholders Disrupt Your Deal?

Companies’ shareholders and investors understandably care about the future of your business and decisions that affect it. When they agree with management decisions, their support is reassuring.

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Professional Valuations Can Help Resolve Pricing Discrepancies

Business sellers often are dismayed to find that buyers don’t put as high a price on their companies as the sellers believe they deserve. By the same token, buyers that paid an above-market price often are frustrated when acquisitions don’t deliver the anticipated financial reward.

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