Motor Fuels Tax Minute, Episode 20

In this week’s episode of Motor Fuels Tax Minute, we continue our Motor Fuel Basics series with an overview on motor fuel reporting.


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Detailed Description of Weaver's Motor Fuels Tax Minute, Episode 20


Leanne: Welcome to Weaver's Motor Fuel Tax Minute, where we talk all things motor fuel. This week we're doing a little bit from our Motor Fuel Basics series and we're going to be talking about motor fuel reporting.

I'll hand it over to Kelly. Kelly? Kelly, you're up… motor fuel tax reporting...


Kelly: Sorry, ladies. Sorry. Sorry. You know, trying to keep up with my two young boys and trying to get all the details for the motor fuel tax returns. It just makes my eyes go crazy. I'm sorry.


Emilda: Kelly, come on. Motor fuel returns, aren't they just like checking off the box and filing them? That simple?


Kelly: No, it's so much more than that. There are multiple fields that are required. Definitely not the same between states. Product codes can be different between the different states. And if you have prior period transactions, some states allow them in the current return, some make you go back and amend. That's only the beginning. Tons of rules to go through!


Emilda: Well, you're right about that. I think there's a misconception that a motor fuel return is like a sales and use tax return. You just put some, gross receipts, exempt sales net taxable and you got it done, right? I think motor fuel is very different. I don't like to use the word complicated, but it is a very specialized tax. Do you agree?


Kelly: Absolutely. Absolutely. And some states will audit on a monthly basis so if you don't get all those details corrected, the next thing you know, you're back to amending.


Emilda: That's correct. Well, one other thing that came to mind, too, about motor fuel returns ist here's so many different types of transactions, so many different types of products. Some are reportable on different schedules. Others you've got a tax paid credit you have to think about if you pay taxes on import. Did you sell it? Did you export it? There's just so many different caveats to that, right?


Kelly: Absolutely.


Leanne: Well, you ladies are making me glad I'm in the advisory and consulting practice and don't do quite as much with the forms. It's definitely a more complex area.

If you've got any questions, please let us know. That's this week's Motor Fuel Tax Minute. Thank you.


Emilda: Thank you

Weaver's Motor Fuels Tax Minute

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