Where Are Your Assets and What Do They Do?

A Guide to Creating the Inventory of Your Technology Assets

In the ever-changing technology environment we live in, an up-to-date inventory of an organization’s technology assets is critical for maintaining overall security. These assets may include hardware, such as servers or laptops; software, including applications and programs, and data assets.

Knowing where each of your assets reside and what each does has value that cannot be overstated. With accurate asset inventories, organizations can more thoroughly secure their environments, develop business continuity plans with greater reliability, and reduce resolution time for incident response processes.

If your organization is starting from scratch with a technology asset inventory, the process may seem overwhelming. This article provides key details for the process from beginning to end.

Using our downloadable tool, your organization can complete a technology asset inventory by taking four simple steps:

  1. Survey Your Team Leadership
  2. Document Your Underlying Infrastructure
  3. Populate Your Asset Inventory
  4. Continue to Update Information Regularly

Once you assemble the initial asset inventory, the information can be easily updated as your organization’s technology assets change and new systems are added.

Building and maintaining an up-to-date inventory of your organization’s technology assets will have ongoing value in helping your organization stay on top of its technology infrastructure.