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The midstream energy industry has unique opportunities and challenges exclusive to this segment. The number of areas that have experienced evolutionary changes in this industry is staggering—acreage dedications, rights-of-way, revenue contracts, joint venture formations with upstream partners or joint operations with processors, interconnections, build-to-suit leases, midstream water and wastewater matters, and more. These and many other aspects of the midstream space are unique and complex.

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Our large midstream energy teams understand the nuances of the industry. We serve hundreds of midstream clients that include midstream marketing and trading, oil and gas gathering, large crude oil pipelines with intrastate operations, natural gas processing, blending operations, biogas gathering and marketing, traditional infrastructure, terminaling and storage of petrochemical and refined products. Our teams that work on midstream companies are dedicated to this specific segment of the energy industry and have deep experience to serve you.

We speak your language. Our familiarity with this industry provides an immediate benefit. We also have extensive experience and relationships with the investors and private equity groups that exclusively serve the midstream industry. Our roots run very deep not just in energy as a whole, but also in the individual segments within energy.

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