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Individual taxpayers may want to consider 2024 inflation adjustments for gift exclusions & review their gift and estate plans in light of the changing tax landscape.
As 2023 draws to a close, individuals can take many steps now to manage their current tax liabilities.
The IRS issued proposed regulations that introduce present-value principles to determine the amount deductible by an estate for funeral & other expenses.
An upcoming reduction in the amount of an estate that can be passed on to heirs without paying taxes has many families wondering if they will have a large tax bill upon the death of a loved one. Currently, this tax-free amount, known as the unified credit or exclusion amount, is $12,060,000, but it is set to decline in 2026 to $5 million (adjusted for inflation). Likewise, tax rates will increase in 2026 to 45% from the current top rate of 40%.
Weaver highlights strategies to consider when planning and executing estate and gift tax. Learn why these strategies are optimal for most wealthy estates.