Podcast: A Rise in Self-Storage Properties Have Investors Taking Note

On Location Cubed, co-hosts Howard Altshuler, partner-in-charge, Real Estate and Construction Services, and Aaron Grisz, partner, Tax Services, take the audience inside the world of self-storage property, discussing some of the factors influencing its attractiveness and its potential evolution.

Key Points:

  • The trend of consolidation in the self-storage industry, emphasized by recent significant mergers and acquisitions
  • The factors contributing to the popularity of self-storage properties, including the lower capital outlay, a consistent demand leading to growing rental rates and the relative ease of maintenance
  • The growing interest in industrial outdoor storage, its challenges and potential, especially in the context of last-mile distribution centers


The boom in self-storage properties over the past decade makes it one of the more intriguing investment opportunities in the real estate market. During the last ten years, the construction of self-storage facilities rose a staggering 926 percent, reflecting a relentless accumulation of personal belongings and the continuous transformation of the real estate landscape. Occupancy rates at self-storage properties are high as consumers increasingly lean into minimalistic living and downsize their homes. As a result, we are experiencing a boom in the self-storage property market and a trend toward consolidation within the industry.

The fundamental question is: why are self-storage properties such an attractive investment now, and what does this mean for the future of this real estate sector?

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