Backtesting—A Best Practice To Improving A Private Equity Fund’s Valuation Process

Running in Financial Advisor Magazine, Weaver’s Danielle Darley and Kaci Howell highlight ways that backtesting can improve the valuation process for private equity funds. 

  • Today’s market pressures require investment funds to reassess their valuation process often. Many fund managers are implementing a process of “backtesting,” also known as a retrospective review, as a best practice to analyze the qualitative factors used in valuing an investment.  Backtesting is also instrumental in identifying the primary drivers between a fund’s valuation of an investment and the resulting sale price.

Read Danielle and Kaci’s full article on Financial Advisor Magazine


Kaci Howell

Kaci Howell

Managing Director, Valuation Services


Kaci Howell, CPA, ABV, CVA, has 13 years of experience providing valuation services to both public and private clients in a…

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