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Podcast: Unpacking ESG Topics

On the Shop Floor dives into ESG topics, examining its evolution, potential impacts of proposed SEC rules and on manufacturing, distribution and retail sectors
July 19, 2023

On the Shop Floor

In the latest episode of On the Shop Floor, hosts Colby Horn and Jody Allred, are joined by Greg Englert, a Partner in Weaver’s Risk Advisory Services. They delve into the complexities and nuances of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), exploring its evolution, its impact on various industries, and proposed Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rules that could potentially redefine ESG reporting.

Key Points:


With the increased focus on ESG matters, industries across the board are discussing these topics. This heightened interest comes as the SEC considers rules that could mean new types of reporting for businesses that have not traditionally been subject to this kind of requirement. Meanwhile, many still grapple with understanding exactly what ESG entails and its long-term implications for their business.

Guest Greg Englert brings a valuable perspective on the current and future of ESG and its effect on businesses. In addition to his professional focus on this issue, he has worked extensively with clients across many sectors and industries providing risk advisory services during his 17-year career.

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