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The most successful organizations are those that effectively balance governance, risk and compliance with daily operational needs and long-term strategic goals. Weaver provides specialized Risk Advisory services designed to do just that.

Rooted in industry best practices and key regulatory guidance, we have the experience and insight needed to translate complex information into the knowledge necessary to make strategic business decisions. Whether looking to establish a top-down approach for managing risk, navigate an increasingly complex regulatory landscape or improve operational performance, we tailor our approach, teams and reports to meet your immediate needs and support your long-term goals.

Our Risk Advisory Services include:

Risk Assessment

Whether assessing risk at the entity level, process level, or focusing on a specific function, risk assessments ultimately serve as the foundation for an overall risk management program. They can also help organizations meet operational objectives, compliance requirements and strategic business planning goals. We use a highly collaborative approach for performing risk assessments, involving management and stakeholders from the very start to extend organizational buy-in and consensus on the prioritization of risks. This allows organizations to focus their mitigation efforts where they’re needed most, increasing the overall impact of each assessment and enhancing overall risk management maturity.


Internal Audit

Providing insight and assurance, the internal audit function is a vital element of effective management and risk mitigation. To be truly effective, however, internal audit should be viewed not as isolated events, but as part of the strategic whole. By implementing internal audit strategy designed to cover the identified critical risks, our collaborative approach can assist organizations with understanding overall organizational performance, and the ways processes and internal controls contribute to that performance. From asset protection to compliance to IT to fraud prevention, our internal audit services can help prevent hidden risks from growing into risks that endanger your operations, your reputation or your bottom line.


Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Section 404 Compliance

Whether your business is a public company required to be fully SOX-compliant, a private company looking to become publicly fit, or simply an organization looking to implement and maintain portions of SOX for best practices in corporate governance, Weaver can assist. With a decade of SOX-related experience, we have developed a scalable and cost-effective approach designed to support compliance efforts at all stages — from initial implementation to ongoing remediation and monitoring. Throughout, we maintain a focus not only on compliance, but overall efficiency and effectiveness. We also regularly fine-tune and nurture SOX compliance activities in order to manage scope, avoid potential unforeseen difficulties and ensure long-term sustainability.


Business Process Analysis and Improvement

Business processes are at the core of every organization’s operations, but many organizations overlook the key performance risks that can result from poorly designed or immature processes. Weaver’s Business Process Analysis and Improvement (BPA/BPI) services enable organizations to identify and eliminate redundancies, bottlenecks and process breakdowns, and to integrate business processes with technology. By streamlining systems, operational processes and performance measurement techniques, our approach enables you to reduce organizational risks, and can better position your organization to meet performance, growth and profitability goals. We also assist with benchmarking your company’s performance against industry standards in order to maintain your competitive edge.


Enterprise Risk Management

For organizations looking to develop a truly enterprise-wide view of risk, Weaver provides a top-down enterprise risk management (ERM) framework designed to foster ongoing improvement and long-term risk management maturity. Based on industry frameworks such as COSO and ISO 31000, our ERM services address external and internal risks holistically, from the top down. We have developed a highly efficient approach designed to achieve multiple initiatives with a single effort, with an overarching focus on critical risk events that impact strategic initiatives, operational processes, financial practices and technology. Along the way, we provide you with the tools needed to understand key risk indicators (KRIs) and key performance indicators (KPIs) — and how they contribute to overall strategic goals.


Regulatory Compliance Services

Understanding and complying with regulatory requirements is one of the most challenging, aspects of any ongoing risk management program. Keeping up with new regulations and ever-changing requirements for existing regulations is just the start – to efficiently maintain compliance without bringing day-to-day operations to a halt, organizations must also understand the overlap and interactions between myriad requirements, and their ultimate impact on overall operations. Weaver can assist organizations at all stages of compliance maturity, from building an initial inventory of compliance requirements to compliance risk assessments and audits to ongoing compliance monitoring.


Governance Consulting

In today’s business climate, governance is no longer just about setting tone at the top and implementing policies. Stakeholders expect visibility and transparency around company business practices, how the organization is aligning to leading standards, what information is being disclosed and the accuracy and completeness of disclosed information. Weaver’s Governance Consulting service is designed to promote a transparent and dynamic governance model that meets the needs of both the company and external stakeholders. Based on industry standards and leading practices gathered from companies of all sizes, our Governance Consulting services framework provides an expansive and detailed approach to meeting today’s most challenging governance issues.



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