Agreed-Upon Procedures

With almost 70 years of experience in dozens of industries, Weaver can meet all levels of your company’s assurance needs. Your organization may not require a full audit, but you may still need to quantify specific information about your inventory, financials, operations, accounts, procedures or data. If so, Weaver can perform agreed-upon procedures to meet your specific needs. We’ll work with you up front to determine the type and extent of our procedures. Consider having Weaver perform agreed-upon procedures when you need to:

  • Show a bank that your inventory and receivables are worth what you say
  • Ensure your company is compliant with government regulations on issues such as employee safety or health care, environmental emissions or renewable energy practices
  • Verify that your IT infrastructure is properly certified and information is secure
  • Quantify that your receivables are paid on time and that your cash flow is maximized
  • Maximize supply chain efficiency

Our process, which includes a detailed report on the procedures and an analysis of our findings, will provide you with a clear picture of your company and the insight you seek.



David Rook

David Rook

Partner and Chief Operating Officer


As Weaver’s chief operating officer, David Rook, CPA, implements the firm’s strategic vision and optimizes the efficiency and…

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