International Tax Services

If you or your organization work internationally, Weaver can give you local service on a global scale. Wherever your business or your employees are from or wherever you are doing business – from Argentina to Zimbabwe – Weaver is there. If your business is multinational, our International Tax team can create a tax planning strategy that is fully integrated with your global strategy.

For individuals, we can help with tax planning, secondment arrangements as well as address work permit and visa issues. And, if you or your company is ever audited, whether in the U.S. or abroad, Weaver can help defend you.

Our International Tax Services include:

Transfer Pricing Strategies

If you’re a multinational company, a Weaver transfer pricing study can help prevent your business from setting prices that result in higher global taxes. We’ll ensure that your profits from transactions between your organization and your foreign subsidiary/parent are fairly priced and taxed. These transactions can include the purchase or sale of tangible goods, services, and the licensing of technology or intangible assets such as know-how, trademarks, copyrights, patents, etc. A significant number of countries now have transfer pricing legislation in place. Weaver can help your company with setting intercompany prices that will address the competing needs of different taxing jurisdictions.


IC-DISC Export Incentives

If your company is in the export business, you may qualify for a permanent tax savings through the IC-DISC (Interest Charge-Domestic International Sales Corporation) incentive. This incentive allows you to convert a portion of the profit on your sales from the ordinary income tax bracket to the dividend income tax bracket, significantly lowering your taxes. Weaver’s International Tax team has years of experience in export incentives, and can help your business use IC-DISCs to achieve significant tax savings. We can determine if your company is eligible for the incentive, and if it is, help you navigate the complex rules and procedures for setting up and maintaining an IC-DISC.


Individual Tax Preparation and More for Expatriates

Whether your employees are U.S. citizens working abroad or foreign nationals working in the U.S., we can help take the pain out of filing income tax returns. With decades of experience, we understand the complexities of international tax laws. We go beyond filing the tax returns; we’ll help you make sense of the varying social security regimes, taxes and immigration laws that can be so daunting.

If you are a foreign national working in the U.S. – even if you’re fluent in English – communication can be an issue when you’re dealing with something as complex as tax law. But, at Weaver, we speak your language. Our International Tax team includes a network of nearly 30 foreign nationals from around the globe that make it possible for you to discuss the intricacies of individual tax preparation with a native speaker of your own language.


Additional International Services
  • International business modeling
  • Cash flow management and credit
  • Cross-border transaction planning, structuring and management
  • E&P computations and interest expense allocations
  • Foreign tax credit planning and compliance
  • Global structuring, M&A and refinancing strategies
  • Global tax minimization strategy
  • International tax planning for intangibles, including migration
  • Offshore asset protection strategy
  • Permanent establishment analysis
  • Repatriation of foreign earnings
  • Strategic resourcing of income and expenses
  • Subpart F tax planning
  • Supply-chain and shared services review
  • Tax treaty analysis
  • U.S. and foreign thin capitalization planning